Converge the power of "Polygon Warriors"

May 1 - May 31 , 2022

The future of blockchain lies in Polygon

Performance, efficiency, and security form the Impossible trinity of blockchain. But when developers, artists, investors, and community members are all involved in the new blockchain ecosystem, it’s obvious that we have more factors to tend to.

In 2022, the blockchain is being redefined as Polygon, a multi-edged, versatile, and user-friendly ecosystem, prospers. The Polygon Consensus Conference is a starting point for Polygon ecosystem builders and millions of global participants to imagine and embrace our promising future.


10,000 NFTs

on the Polygon Warrior

NFT minting Whitelist

0 GasFee

For all in-app transactions

from / to Polygon

From May 1 to May 31

10+ AMAs

To promote projects

On the Polygon ecosystem

Polygon Warrior NFT

Polygon Warrior are the first BitKeep NFTs, and the first NFTs that can be reversed.

A Polygon Warrior NFT costs 100 Matic to mint, with the possibility to reverse after 60 days of minting and get all costs refunded.

BitKeep will draw 100 holders of Polygon Warrior NFTs each day to reward them each 100BKB.

Polygon Warrior is the first demonstrative PFP NFT on Polygon that integrates Social-Fi

Minting starts on May 17, 2022


Co-Founder &

Chief Marketing Officer

Polychain Monsters Text AMA

18 May 1PM UTC



BitKeep Twitter Space

20 May 1PM UTC

Founder/CEO of

Elf Matrix

BitKeep Twitter Space

12am-1pm UTC 20th May

Head of Community

at Polychain Monsters

BitKeep Twitter Space

20 May 1PM UTC

CEO of


BitKeep & MyTrade Text AMA

23 May 1PM UTC

Head Of Planet IX


BitKeep & Planet IX Text AMA

23 May 1PM UTC

CEO and co-Founder of

the tudaBirds metaNest

BitKeep & Tuda birds Text AMA

25 May 1PM UTC

CMO of

CorgiNFT Game

BitKeep & CorgiNFT Text AMA

25 May 1PM UTC


Co- founder

BitKeep & KSANA Text AMA

25 May 1PM UTC


DeFi Lead

BitKeep & Polygon YouTube Live

29 April 1pm UTC


Marketing Lead

BitKeep & Symbiosis Text AMA

5 May 1PM UTC


Growth & Marketing

BitKeep & EasyFi Text AMA

6 May 1PM UTC



BitKeep & Pegaxy Text AMA

9 May 1PM UTC


Co-founder & CMO

BitKeep & Symbiosis AMA

11 May 1PM UTC



BitKeep & Moonedge Text AMA

13 May 1PM UTC

Polygon Ecology


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